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Full Service Digital Agency

With deep Silicon Valley roots, we’ve had experience working on products and services you have had a high probability of already using. There are a lot of great agencies out there that we admire however our competitive advantage is that our senior staff has spent time in startups and large organizations to be properly and fully equipped to solve any problems you bring us. Our mission is to remove the difficulties and challenges of hiring technical staff by being a one stop shop for both engineering and design. We pride ourselves on our care and make even the most difficult of things easy to understand.

Your Design and Development Team

We work with businesses to help boost their online representation to match the caliber of their professionalism. We do one off projects or retainers to act as your design and development department.

Prototypical Development

We work with startups to help replace or increase production of their technical staff. Our expertise is rapid prototypical development. We can bring ideas to life through mid-high level prototypes based on your expectations.

Our very own one of a kind product

We work with the restaurant and QSR industry with our proprietary product Stir to make mobile ordering your business only. Want to increase sales and create better relationships with your consumers? Of course you do! Find out more here.

Venue Management can update and edit menu items in real time which can be purchased by patrons in their venue. Once an order is complete the patron will be alerted his/her order is ready.

A browser based Point of Sale. Business owners and managers can login from anywhere around the world to see their live revenue and current customer numbers. If you own a single boutique or a chain of shops, this is the best way to get the clear picture of what’s happening 24/7.